Instantly a modern classic, the iPhone 6 series features some of Apple’s most important upgrades and additions. Known for its increased screen size, the inclusion of Apple’s Retina HD display and the powerful Apple A8 chip, it’s easy to see why the iPhone 6 is one of the highest selling models in iPhone history.

The iPhone 6 series offers two display sizes, available in 4.7 inches (iPhone 6) and 5.5 inches (6 Plus), storage capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB and colour options including space gray, silver and gold.

Apple iPhone 6 Series

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What Are the Key Features of the Apple iPhone 6 Series?

The iPhone 6 is a leap forward for the iPhone series, with some marked improvements on its predecessors.

  • iPhone 6 series features larger screen sizes that the iPhone 5 series, with both 4.7 inches (for the iPhone 6) and 5.5 inches (for the 6 Plus) noticeably larger than the previous 4 inch display
  • Apple’s state-of-the-art A8 chip for a level of speed and performance unmatched by the iPhone 5
  • The iPhone 6’s rear camera features full 1080p HD video at either 30 or 60 FPS

What Are the Details of the Apple iPhone 6 Series?

The eighth generation of the iPhone adds both new features and some much-needed tweaks to the series, such as:

  • Apple Pay payment system for cardless payments, with credit card details stored in Apple Wallet
  • Improved battery life, with the iPhone 6 featuring a 6.91 Wh (1,810 mAh) battery and 6 Plus with 11.1 Wh (2,915 mAh)